www.SoulCafe.co.in – Up and Running!!



With a dream of  “building soul relationships” around us, we started creating our product – http://www.soulcafe.co.in for the Indian market. The Indian market is filled with a plethora of community specific matrimonial sites and the new age dating apps. We feel there is a clutter of superficiality, with a lack of depth which is important when it comes to building long-term relationships. SoulCafe.co.in is based on a core belief that long-term relationships should be based on connectedness, nuances of each individual’s personalities, life values and all matters that are much deeper than the superficial. Technology becomes  our enabler in fulfilling this belief.

You have been part of our journey as we started this blog and  we wanted to let you know that your comments and feedback are our dose of caffeine inspiring us to move forward. We would like you to try our Beta Version and let us know your thoughts. In case you aren’t “single”, please feel free to share this with like-minded friends who are single. Take me to SoulCafe

Sharing some initial feedback that we received:


“I love the site. It lets me be authentic (unlike other sites, I am not given an option to sign in with any email but FB brings in the authenticity). The questionnaire at the beginning was so simple yet talks about the simple things that matter a lot to know a person. I like the way you verify/ validate to keep fake profiles away. I love the forums space…..good discussion topics. Overall it’s an awesome singles site to be on…. Looking forward for the full version + the mobile app. Loving it!!! “

Prashanthi Reddy– Retail Start-up Manager , Yoga Health & Well being Practitioner”


“Soul Café entices on a hearty premise with the genuine promise of connecting souls. The urbanesque but pithy graphics remind me of the Production Design placards of the 87th Academy Award nominations – very witty and adorable. Bookmarked and saved the site on the cloud for easy access and sharing with the other birds of the flock.” 

Mohan Ranganna – Technologist by profession, Language & Philosophy enthusiast by heart


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