Love Needs Reminding

Each day we need a reminder

that we are loving and are being loved

A sweet note saying

All is well.


We all are capable of love. There’s nothing more comforting than a caring and loving gesture. We all crave for an endless supply of love. We get this from our parents and grand-parents. But, when we are in a relationship this reserve of Love varies from day to day. Some days we feel elated and some days hollow and depressed. It’s not that love is lost between the two but we forget to remember an important fact that timely reminder is good and vital for a healthy relationship.

When we are in love we need not to shout out loud about it to the world. Micro-world that two lovers create has enough space for both of them. Initially love is at its height, full of passion and vigour. Mystery of each other makes the couple curious and interesting. This curiosity helps in keeping the momentum of love. In time when relationship proceeds to a new level of comfort and understanding there’s little left of each other to tell and discuss. Problems of life and society enter into your bedroom and somewhere down the line seeds of exasperation and irritation are sown. At such times when you know that you love each other, saying it out loud rejuvenates the barely-breathing love-boat of your life.

iloveunoteWe accept the love we thing we deserve- Stephen Chbosky, Perks Of Being A Wallflower

Remind each other everyday that how much you love each other. Express the love that you share in words and in actions. Make each other feel safe, loved and cared. Let not the complexities of world come between the bond you share. Make it stronger each day. For a little time we come in to this world, let it be filled with love and compassion. Do not let your love of life feel alone and detached. Even on the bad days remember how grateful you are to have each other. A sweet and timely reminder can transform your love life in to a never ending joy-ride.