The Comedy In My Divorce – Part 1

This post is not with any intent of ranting but just with pure intentions of making it light for me and all those who face the same music. I took my time to pen this, but I saw it coming awhile back. There are different segments of people you witness when you are going through a phase of your own and tend to get these ‘culturally acceptable’ condolences to top it all. On a lighter note I finally, have managed for my sake put them under different slots.

1. The “OMG” types

They:What!! I am going to die hearing this. Are you serious? You and Him??” 

Me: “It’s fine ya. Yes, me & him. Listen, it is really okay. We really tried.”

They: “No yaa. How is it possible? I am speechless. You both made such a good couple!” 

Me: “Can I get you some water?”

  Like, really? Did somebody just die? Did I just end up pacifying her? Okay, whatever 😛

2. The ‘Is there no chance’ types

They: “Sachi kya, koi chance nahin?”

Me: “Hota to, we wouldn’t have been here.”

They: “Something, can be done. There should be some chance. After all, it was a love marriage!”

Me: “True, but I don’t see any chance.”

They:“Should I talk to him? Let me take a chance.”

Listen up, chances or no chances, Can you like stop chancing your wit upon me? Life, is a big chance &  Thank You!

3. The “Bachon ka kya fault hain” types

They: “How are kids taking it?”

Me: “They ‘re fine”

They: “Fir bhi ya. What is their fault?”

Me: “I agree.”

They: “BECHARE, it is their destiny.

Me: “I am doing my best to bring them well.”

They: “Bacchon ka kya fault hain”

Thank you! You told me something that  I never ever considered 🙂

4. The “Did you try Counselling” types

They: “Listen, I know a very good counselor.”

Me: “We tried everything.”

They: “Arrein,my counselor is very good”

Me: “No seriously, It is beyond that stage.” 

They: “How can you give up?” 

Me: “Because I gave in my all.”

Arghhhh! That’s all – a big Arghhhh!

5. The “How’s he?’ Types

They: “How is he?” 

Me: “He is fine.”

They; “But, we saw that picture on his Facebook”

Me: “Oh, you did and you also LIKED & COMMENTED.” 

They: “Shit, you saw! Are you still friends?”

Oh, Man! Can I just UNFRIEND you?

6. The “What about your future” types

They: “Kya socha hain?” 

Me: “About what?” 

They: “Your future. Life is a bitch & it’s not easy. Plus you have kids.”

Me; “Hmm, I can see that.”

…. and life also has many sisters & they are called bitches! 🙂

7. The “who is your lawyer” types

They: “Tell me, who is your lawyer?”

Me: “So and So” 

They: “I’ve heard they just take your money.” 

Me: “Acha, no ya.”

They: “Out of court kar lo na.”

Me: “Hmm, will think about it.”

Actually, I have so much time so as you think. Even better, I love going to the family court. Will you join the next time? Punjabi mein boltein hain na “LEIN, AIVAI’ :))

8. The “you don’t look like you are going through a divorce” types

They: “How do you look this radiant?”

Me: “Just”

They: “You don’t look SHATTERED at all.”

Me: “Just”

They: “What’s the SECRET HUH, DOVE OR LOVE??”

Me: “Just”

Did you just smell some smoke? or is it me? 🙂

I chose to make this public. I know of so many of us out there, who face these TYPES all the time. You are not alone! Just find your comedy or find mine :). Share, for those who need some rainbow on their dull day.

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  1. going through a divorce myself, this post simply brought a huge smile on my face!!! Every single dialogue mentioned was absolutely true.. specially the last one.. its like if you are going through a divorce one must look shattered, dull , pessimistic, snappy etc etc…all the negatives one can add to a person and i don’t know why!!! One must have gone through all this and then decided to chose to walk out of the marriage thereby turning all these negativeness in life to a beautiful future.!! why cry!!! why repent!!! Life is tough but life is not impossible 🙂
    It takes a lot of courage to decide to chose happiness for one self and even more courage to keep going strong every single day.
    This post has certainly lifted my mood 😀 😀 thanks a ton once again

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so glad you stopped by and it helped you lift your mood!:) Keep going, stay strong! The whole sky is your rainbow:) Good luck..

      Liked by 1 person

      1. those are the words that lifts my mood right in the morning! luv!!!

        Liked by 1 person

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