#QuirkyLove – Contest October 2015

 We are looking for the ‘Quirkiest Couple’! Are you & your boyfriend/spouse/partner the one? Or do you know of a couple you would want to nominate?


It’s Simple!
Couples just need to share their #QuirkyLove photo for this contest in one of these ways:

Email the pic to  community@womensweb.in


Just post the photo on Facebook with the hashtag #QuirkyLove. Make sure it is shared publicly, so we can download it and add it to this album


Share it on Twitter with the #QuirkyLove hashtag

Also include a short note about what #QuirkyLove means to you, or why you chose that photo. The top two pics would win a set of quirky Romantic personalized coffee mugs.The best pics may also be featured in an upcoming video created by us. Don’t forget to send/upload the pics before 21st Oct 2015.

Check details/updates for this contest on Facebook here

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