Zen and the art of soul love

I once read online that John Lennon, the author of the song “All you need is love” was a horrible person. He abused his two wives and mistreated his kids and was known for his lousy and arrogant behavior. And many years later, Trent R wrote a song called “Love is not enough” and he transformed his rebellious, black shaded self to a loving family man and gave up his alcohol addiction and drugs.

Yeah, it is true!

The world, for centuries and centuries, have tried to define love and profile it, scientifically, mathematically and philosophically tried to outline it. However, the mystery of love remains forever.  Love is mindfully immersing your soul into fullness of our beings and offering it in absolute submission to your significant other in a most sincere leap of faith.

Love is opening up and allowing your inner cores to bloom.

In order to love from your soul, and practice the art of Zen love, you need to first offer all of your incredible love to yourself. In Zen, there is a lot of importance placed to being one with one’s self, in harmony and equanimity and being able to foster one’s own ability to love themselves. Love is opening up and allowing your inner cores to bloom. This will require you to be mindful, be contemplative of your own shortcomings and unresolved inner issues. If you are not in love with your own self, you are allowing to be consumed by self-doubt, anger, fear, envy, insecurities, worries etc. With this sort of a personal conflict inside of your minds, it is hard to offer love in its purest form to others. Your relationship will bear the brunt of the unrest you cultivate inside of you.

You can embrace the world you live in with an honesty and feel comfortable in your skin being you! You are now able to love from the core of your being in the truest form.

If you are able to recognize this and cognitively alleviate yourself into a realm of happy thoughts and vibes, then you have fallen in love with yourself completely. You are able to be at home with yourself and your thoughts. You can embrace the world you live in with an honesty and feel comfortable in your skin being you! You are now able to love from the core of your being in the truest form. You are stronger inwardly and you are able to understand your partner. As you develop your inner self into conscious act of imbibing happiness into your life, you are attracting the universal forces of peace, understanding and joy.

If you can love yourself, and I don’t mean in a narcissistic way, but in a gentler, kinder manner, then you are able to out pour sincere emotions into all your relationships. You love from the core of the being. You are now in acceptance of yourself wholly. The crux of love is seated not just in love alone but in acceptance. Acceptance of your own selves and also the other person completely. When you accept wholeheartedly, then you form a bond that is reinforced with not just love, but respect, admiration, understanding and care. And the courage to let go of your own egos and insecurities and be open to the other in a wholesome manner.  This acceptance comes when you know what defines you and your happiness and being able to nurture that happiness. In that state of bliss within your core, you will be able grow a love that is strong, mature and true!  You are loving from your soul and not through your rational and logical self and from the inner seat of kindness and understanding.

True soul love comes from kindness, benevolence, wholesome understanding, balance of mind and heart, inner joy and equanimity of thoughts. With these, you will be able to provide happiness and sunshine to others. Unless you are happy from inside, unless you are kind and understanding, unless you are empathetic, you will not be able to accept yourself or your partner. By true acceptance and true inward looking, you can learn and perfect the art of loving.

Mindfulness offers you the resource to be still, take an intentional pause, do some soul searching and heal yourself. When you emerge stronger from inside, you have everything of yourself to offer your partner. When you connect with someone at this level, then you become “one”. There is no longer a separation of yours versus mine. Since you have mastered the understanding of your inner self and have a grip on your sufferings, you are able to relate 100% to the other. You will then no longer distinguish it as two beings but be one and the same. You learn to let go of fear and free your mind. You are illuminated from inside and you feel one with the eternity inside of your partner.

Your source of love never runs the risk of running out ever because it comes from the soul. You feel it every moment and you are mindfully committed in your relationships. Learning to love yourself will equip you with an ability to feel more joyful and confident, fearless, calm, kind and secure.

Your source of love never runs the risk of running out ever because it comes from the soul.

Nothing fortifies a relationship than being able to offer your wholesome understanding, empathy and a kind view. When these are present, then affection and love grows in leaps and bounds. You learn to not only nourish your own happiness but that of your partner as well. You need the courage to open your heart and confront your demons and chase them out to let angels of happiness reside within you. In that you are given a gift of love. The gift of soul love!

Zen Buddhist monk Thich Nhat Hanh said,

“If you pour a handful of salt into a cup of water, the water becomes undrinkable. But if you pour the salt into a river, people can continue to draw the water to cook, wash, and drink. The river is immense, and it has the capacity to receive, embrace, and transform. When our hearts are small, our understanding and compassion are limited, and we suffer. We can’t accept or tolerate others and their shortcomings, and we demand that they change. But when our hearts expand, these same things don’t make us suffer anymore. We have a lot of understanding and compassion and can embrace others. We accept others as they are, and then they have a chance to transform.”

This article, shared by a very dear friend of mine, shows that true love exists and it reinforces the soul connections and inner bonds. I was touched by this story. It made me sit up and embrace the profound truths of simple daily practices of meditation, contemplation and mindfulness to transform myself and be able to give my entire inner-core in love. I resolved all the more to keep up at my zen practice.

Wishing all soul café wanderlusts, a very happy, mindful, peaceful new year! 

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