An Unspoken Relation


14th of February 2016. Almost 2:00 a.m, late night I wrapped study and thought of retiring to bed.

After the whole tiresome day I almost went to sleep, but, a vibration alerted me. I picked up my mobile. The husky voice spoke, “I am leaving. Always be happy. Shall miss you, dearie.” The phone hangs up. Shiver of emotions passed through my body. I crouched back on bed. Tossing throughout I remembered the time we had spent together.

‘It was during post-graduation days we both had met. He was dark-handsome guy of our class. Everyone called him Mono da. I being most talkative the weirdest natures of Mono grew both me & my bestie Sandy inquisitive about him, his quietness and his restless sad eyes.

During our educational tour to Gangtok we learnt from a close friend of Mono named Dipon that Mono had gone through a terrible breakup after being in a relationship. As friends we tried to ‘heal the pain’. Slowly, we four became good friends. Every soul in the university campus adored us. There wasn’t a single day when this group didn’t meet.

But, all of a sudden something went wrong. It was the end of our post-graduation days. Mono & Dipon stopped talking with us. Although Dipon dared to smile when we both passed by Mono didn’t even look towards us. Everyone started enquiring, what had gone wrong in between us? This freaked me & Sandy.

14th February 2011 – We decided to have an end to this drama and so waited for their arrival at Vasu’s tea stall, our once adda place.

Mono and Dipon arrived almost at 7’ in the evening. Although stunned, instead of running away they entered shop. Sensing my anger grow Sandy placed her hand over mine to calm me down. I kept quiet. Sandy with all patience asked, “What’s the matter, Mono? Why have you stopped talking?”

Mono stared towards us. In his husky voice he replied coldly, “To forbid my soul being re-scared. Losing my beloved friends who taught me to relive my life is even bigger than my past pains. This is an unspoken relationship ever experienced by me in life. I cannot bear the pain of losing it. It’s better to live with the pain before you both finally leave”.

Quietness prevailed. Almost after three months we sat together. Laughter of past had transformed to unknown emotional numbness. Unexplained silence prevailed. We wanted to speak our heart but were left dumfounded.

We did go separate ways and have never met again in the last five years from that evening onwards. Till today technology has kept us connected.

I prayed aloud, “May they be safe. May this ‘unspoken relationship’ be alive for ever. May we four re-meet & relive the moments we had spent.”

From doorway came the completion of my prayer, “Amen”. I saw Sandy standing and smiling. Behind her I saw the ray of hope ‘dawn’ peeping through the window pane.



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