Soul Cafe Fairy Tale Moment : Deepa – Sid

Our greatest joy comes from these Fairy Tale moments at Soul Cafe! Especially when we hear it directly from our Cafe Mates. These moments are our “Caffeine” that keeps us upbeat & kicking as we  move forward on our journey towards building Soul Relationships. Much love to you Deepa and Sid! Sharing your fairy tale moment with the world!
Hello Soul Cafe,
This is Deepa Sai writing to you from Chennai, India. Till April I had been a late twenties-single-something  who had been tired of all the online dating services India had to offer . I accidentally spotted Soul Cafe’s advertisement on Facebook. I really loved the tagline, “building soul relationships”.  While the other sites boasted of hooking up, hitching, romance or dating, I was appreciative of the fact that Soul Cafe believed in the idea of trying to create meaningful relationships among people. Having mastered  in Psychology and Social work, I was thoroughly impressed with Soul Cafe’s story which had it’s basis on Psychological studies and research, propagating the concept that people ought to bond over in-depth conversations, understand one another completely in order to understand if they are compatible with each other, instead of depending on superficial ideas like social or financial status or just physical appearances. While a lot of dating sites promoted the idea of short term relationships and sleazy affairs, I loved Soul Cafe’s take on building lasting relationships with people regardless of sex or location. I registered out of curiosity and I loved the concept so much. It was a very private space for me to express my feelings, interact with a lot of people on deeper perspectives and make friends.
I could hardly believe that I was going to meet my soulmate there in the next few days. Siddharth Iyer, owner of who had registered with Soul Cafe to find out how this online forum worked. He had posted a couple of pictures on Soul Cafe . My curiosity piqued and I found myself getting attracted to him . I checked his profile out, his blog and decided to  befriend him in various online platforms. I was afraid that he would not be a frequent visitor and would not know that I had requested  to be his friend. But I couldn’t find him on other platforms. Being a follower of his blog did not give me any significant advantage either as I would be labeled as just another reader, so I had my fingers crossed about this.
To my astonishment he did add me and we started exchanging messages on Soul Cafe. After a considerable number of days I gave  him my number and things rapidly escalated from there on. We met each other on May 8th. A month has passed since and I am betrothed to him. We would be married by the end of this year.
Siddharth and I wanted to express our gratitude to Soul Cafe for being the means to our beautiful miraculous fairy tale ending. We wish Soul Cafe all the very best and  hope that many more people find their soulmates there. As we part with our Soul Cafe accounts, it is on a happy note. Our experience has been memorable and we wish the same for its members as well.
Thank you for bringing that smile on our faces.
Yours truly,
Deepa and Siddharth


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