SoulCafe –Soul Connections on your Mobile

f5Brewing real Conversations and Connections that lasts a lifetime.

SoulCafe the platform that aims at building long term Soul Relationships for urban Indian singles is now available for Android devices.  After the web presence ( it’s the next logical step forward. So here we are!

SoulCafe is not for everybody and it recommends people to make sure if they can really relate to the concept. SoulCafé is definitely not just another dating app or a matrimonial website. SoulCafe is for people who seek a sense of real connectedness in a relationship that just happens organically and not forced upon, people who look for authenticity rather than air brushed images and over perfected profiles.

So does SoulCafe work or is this pure idealism you may wonder?  Honestly every solution to life’s bigger problems starts off with idealism –  believing there needs to be a better solution and that there can be one. SoulCafe does work and it does in its unique way with it’s firm foundation on proven psychological studies.  SoulCafe is not about swipe left-swipe right but most importantly about “Being Real”. The fairy tale moments do happen at SoulCafe like it happened for our café mates Deepa and Sid.


FIND THE SOULCAFE APP  HERE – en_badge_web_generic





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