On the Same Wavelength – Oh! that’s Brain Coupling

When we deeply connect with someone, we often try verbalizing this feeling of connection using the term – sharing the same wavelength or that we “resonate”. Sounds more of physics than poetry right :).  But lets for a moment believe, may be that happens! An instance where two (or more) individuals  share similar brain waves with the other when they converse.

If the latest neuroscience is to be believed, that sense of connection is all in our head – literally and the phenomenon is called “Brain Coupling”.

Brain coupling is like a magic moment when you feel understood heard received by another person. You let your guard down and have an embodied felt connection with another. This is a “moment” of loving connectedness.

The Princeton University neuroscientist Uri Hasson’s specialty is exploring the dynamics of “interacting brains,” performing fMRI scans of human subjects and understanding the underlying neural mechanisms that allows the brain to integrate information over time and those that facilitate communication between people. His studies have shown evidence for synchronizing of two people’s brain suggesting that – in good communication, two individuals come to feel a single, shared emotion as well, one that is distributed across their two brains.  He Says – “Brain coupling, is the means by which we understand each other.”

In her book Love 2.0 social psychologist, Barbara Fredrickson states that in love three things happen – our gestures and facial expressions start to mirror each other, and our brains synchronize too. In fact she goes further saying ,  ‘a micro-moment of love is a single act performed by two brains’.

Call it brain coupling, neural coupling or sharing the same wave length, it is indeed a moment of bliss when  your brainwaves mirror those of the person you’re speaking to or lets rather simply say – when they just get you!

Here is a great video from Jason Silva the Emmy-nominated host of National Geographic’s hit TV series, Brain Games talking about brain coupling. Enjoy watching! Ciao!


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  1. Thanks for the article. I used to call this connection telepathy. My husband and I used to have this for the past 15 yrs.Thanks for the scientific explanation

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  2. Sophia says:

    Thanks a lot for your comment Rakhi. It’s a joy to find a scientific explanation to phenomenon that we experience and know it does happen.


  3. archieclarke says:

    I’ve noticed that my friend and I do this same kind of thing. Where we both get the same idea at the same time. or one of us sends a text and the other one was just about to do the same thing. And this has happened quite a lot and it seems like we have a kind of connection . If anyone can help with this or tell me what is happening . Plz do

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