Being my own Beloved

Should Valentines day be the reminder of a loveless life in the absence of a significant “other”? I guess not because love is what we are all made of – the source of love is within us.


The Comedy in my Divorce – Part II

As I continue to take you into my journey while the comedy is on (here is The Comedy in my Divorce PART 1, in case you missed it), there are these very special and dear ‘ Types’ who have actually made me see My COMEDY IN MY TRAGEDY. What would I do without you? This post is for you…

The Comedy In My Divorce – Part 1

This post is not with any intent of ranting but just with pure intentions of making it light for me and all those who face the same music. I took my time to pen this, but I saw it coming awhile back. There are different segments of people you witness when you are going through…