In Love with the idea of Love

Our brains work in weird mysterious ways. Always coming up with cocktails of mysterious thoughts, perceived realities and unreal illusions. If this were, for one tiny moment, considered a witch’s potion cooked out of a large cauldron then the smokes rising up for this concoction is nothing but the pangs, oohs-aahs and the emotional roller…

The anatomy of infidelity –Part 1

Honestly, there is not always a black or white, discrete rights or wrongs in these stories of infidelity – they come in various shades of grey. What we need to understand is, while being in a relationship – infidelity is always a matter of choice and never an accident.

So is Fidelity – it is a CHOICE – one makes to love “the one” day after day, year after year.

The importance of being vulnerable

Vulnerability in this world is avoided like plague. We so detest revealing ourselves to the world and more so to our partners. The idea of holding back hinges on a primal fear of getting hurt in the process of baring oneself. Fear of judgment and perception makes us create cocoons of our inner secrets, original…

Cinderella and her not so “happily ever after” life

The damsel in distress story plots end once the damsel is rescued and we move on with the belief that they lived happily ever after. We never get to see what “lived happily ever after” looks like. The truth of the matter is that the “happily ever after” doesn’t necessarily happen for the damsel and the knight.

A million shades of Pink and Blue

It is time that we consider gender on a spectrum, not as two opposing sets of ideals. When we move out of these sets, and just be what we are – our unique blend, we are at our best.

Friends: How many is too many ?

This article explores if there are cognitive limits to the number of individuals humans can maintain meaningful social relationships with. And in case of such limits, does the era of social media defy it all?

In Love with a Narcissist

Relationship issues of this generation has been most of the time attributed to the growing “Narcissism” of the new generation. Is this just another thought terminating cliché beyond which we are hesitant to explore? Do we really know what narcissism actually is ? How do you know if you are in love with a narcissist? Eastern…

Give up “Pygmalion Projects” in your Relationships

There is an interesting Greek story about a great sculptor named Pygmalion who found all the women of Cyprus imperfect and decided to create a sculpture based on his idea of the perfect woman. It took him several months to complete the statue, but his creation looked so perfect that he fell in love with it – he called her Galatea. However, Pygmalion increasingly…