Out of the Man Box – The Freedom to Cry

They say ” Men don’t cry” But  I have quite wondered – Why? How do you bottle it all up? When a close one bids good bye? What happens to these bottled up tears in you? Would they some day burst out as anger Or soak your heart, leaving you unreasonably blue? I am someone…

Empath and Narcissist – A match made in hell.

How does one fall in love with someone who can’t see anything beyond themselves. Why does someone make these self-destructive choices? And the most ironical part is that – most of the time the one in love with a narcissist tends to be an Empath.

7 Important Life Lessons From Zentangling

“Art feeds life and life feeds art.” I am not a great fan of anything that starts with “Zen”. Honestly, the skeptic in me sniffs the spiritual consumerism alert. So was my initial reaction to “Zentangle”. Is it something similar to adult coloring book I thought?   Until I met Neha, who is a passionate zentangler…

We’re winning my friend, do you see?

We’re winning my friend. Do you See? Giving into the heart is the greatest thing we can do my companion. Following the heart’s way in a world that is so confined and limited is the most arduous of adventures we can venture on. Surrendering into the Unknown. We end up touching the lives of people…

Loving the “Work- In-Progress”.

As individuals we are always a “work in progress”, there is no perfect state – we are always in the process of  BECOMING. Love is the unconditional acceptance of being part of each other’s “BECOMING”.

The “Feels Too Much” Tribe in a “Just Chill” World.

Have you felt like a sponge soaking up all emotions around you – from people around you, characters in a movie you just watched, the books you read or a tragic news you heard? You carry these feeling as your own and it takes you hours or sometimes days to get over it. When you…

Heart Break is real after all

What does it take to realize that a “heart-break” actually has a very tangible physical connotation to it?
What does it take to realize that a “heart-break” takes its own time to heal?