Being my own Beloved

Should Valentines day be the reminder of a loveless life in the absence of a significant “other”? I guess not because love is what we are all made of – the source of love is within us.

Down the memory lane of magical handwritten letters

In an era where “convenience” reigns – expecting a handwritten note is pure indulgence. The extravagance of someone’s undivided attention is indeed a luxury. Each time you read its the joy of traversing through the person’s thoughts as he or she wrote –while the ink smudged, some words struck and the little doodles here and there.

Zen and the art of soul love

You can embrace the world you live in with an honesty and feel comfortable in your skin being you! You are now able to love from the core of your being in the truest form.

Love thy “Inner Child”

In a dark dingy room, down the mucky stairs, I open the creaky door, to find a little kid lost and scared. I ask her to come out but she seems doubtful if that’s okay, She gathers faith and slowly steps out to the brightness of the day. The first ray of  light makes her eyes squint from the glare. Gradually I see…

In Love with the idea of Love

Our brains work in weird mysterious ways. Always coming up with cocktails of mysterious thoughts, perceived realities and unreal illusions. If this were, for one tiny moment, considered a witch’s potion cooked out of a large cauldron then the smokes rising up for this concoction is nothing but the pangs, oohs-aahs and the emotional roller…

The anatomy of infidelity –Part 1

Honestly, there is not always a black or white, discrete rights or wrongs in these stories of infidelity – they come in various shades of grey. What we need to understand is, while being in a relationship – infidelity is always a matter of choice and never an accident.

So is Fidelity – it is a CHOICE – one makes to love “the one” day after day, year after year.

The importance of being vulnerable

Vulnerability in this world is avoided like plague. We so detest revealing ourselves to the world and more so to our partners. The idea of holding back hinges on a primal fear of getting hurt in the process of baring oneself. Fear of judgment and perception makes us create cocoons of our inner secrets, original…

Go on the highway to heaven-on-earth!

Typically, I find relationship posts funny, like –“How to build strong life-long relationships?” or perhaps – “How to find and keep romance alive in a relationship?” or whatever?! There are so many such self-help advice strewn around in media. The cliche is beyond hilarious.  The futility of these posts ( well, no offence to the well paid columnists…