Not the knight in a shining armor or the dainty damsel

Although soulmates waltz into our lives with such a swing that matches our rhythm in every step, taking our breath away, they are not always the knight in a shining armor or the darling dainty damsel we always think they are. They can be that but they are also the villains who wreak havoc in our otherwise normal lives.

Being my own Beloved

Should Valentines day be the reminder of a loveless life in the absence of a significant “other”? I guess not because love is what we are all made of – the source of love is within us.

The Journey of “Finding Yourself”

This article tries to explore the concept of “Individuation” , taking characters from the movies as examples. This process of transformation is difficult, yet beautiful. A caterpillar needs to transform into a butterfly to spread joy and beauty – would you rather prefer the caterpillar to stay “as is”, because you fear it will fly away…

Growing in or Growing out of Love

They were in love – the so called truly, madly and deeply love. They held each other’s hands firmly and  started on their  life journey of togetherness. “Your dreams are mine and mine yours or now it’s just ours” – they vowed to one another. Everything seemed just so very perfect. They were in sync, in…